Rethink How Investing Fits Into Your Life.

Are you avoiding money and all of the stuff that goes with it? We all have a relationship with money, but for most of us, it’s a bad relationship that feels empty, scary – or even toxic. We all want to be able to manage our money and see it grow, but we are afraid and don’t know where to turn or how to get started.

Money stuff sucks.

Yeah yeah. I know I SHOULD be doing something with my money.
But where do I start? What do I click on? How much time does it really take?
Hear from the author, Danielle Town:

Two Ways To Start Getting Invested:

The Invested Practice Newsletter

A bi-weekly newsletter of real-life value investing, step-by-step commentary, and curated links.

The Mostly Invested Course

A 7-week course to help you engage with and be in control of your money.

The Mostly Invested Course Is For You If…

You’ve tried to look into financial stuff and felt overwhelmed.

You feel stuck with your money.

You want to do good with your money, while doing well financially.

You want to be more abundant, self-confident, and secure.

You don’t want to keep avoiding investing in your future.

You want to make time for yourself, but somehow never manage to do it.

The Invested Practice

Investing is our Practice; Freedom is our Lifestyle
The Invested Practice is a bi-weekly newsletter of real-life value investing, step-by-step commentary, and curated links.
It’s a guide for your own Investing Practice.

What The Program Looks Like

Each week of the course is five sessions of short capsule practice, so you can choose which days and times out of your week work best for you. The first week will give you more background info so you can understand what we’re doing, and then we’ll get started with the practices that will change how you engage with this incredibly powerful and joyful tool you have – your money.

Access to All Content on our Easy-to-use Course Website

Our easy-to-use Mostly Invested course website features seven weeks of practices, including 36 videos to help you connect with your money and learn about yourself.

Immediate Practice

These practices will guide you as you take each step in developing your own investing practice. I will even lead you through a guided meditation at the beginning of each week.

Live Video Calls

You can ask me specific questions and get personal feedback as you move forward. In addition, you will receive exclusive interviews with some amazing people. These conversations will help you take what you’ve learned and put these lessons into action.

Unlimited Access To The Content

Once you’ve completed your seven weeks, you will have unlimited access to all the content and be able to visit it at any time! You will also have access to our recorded calls, and the expert interviews without restriction.

The Invested Practice

Not Your Typical Investing Newsletter

The Invested Practice is a bi-weekly newsletter of real-life value investing, step-by-step commentary, and curated links. We’ve all heard of the stultifyingly dry investing analysis out there. It’s partly what kept me from getting interested in investing for so many years. This newsletter is opposite. It’s the story of my investing as it really is: cool investing ideas I get from my everyday life, how I find the motivation to sit down and do it, the mistakes (especially the mistakes – they’re the best teachers!), the anxiety and fear I still feel regularly, the Too Hard companies that make me want to quit, the Missions that make me sit up and take notice, the note-taking I do, and the companies with which I fall deeply in love. There are no valuation numbers, no recommendations, no advice. It’s an Investing Practice in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Danielle

Danielle Town is a New York Times bestselling author and Investing Practice expert who started out numbers-phobic and terrified of fluctuating stock markets, until she discovered that, with a little knowledge and practice, her weaknesses were actually strengths that made her a natural Buffett-style investor.

She is now focused on developing her own value Investing Practice to create generational wealth, and helping others do the same, through recognizing the power of our money. She wrote her book, Invested: How Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Taught Me to Master My Mind, My Emotions, and My Money (with a Little Help from My Dad), with her investor father, Phil Town. They banter about value investing and life on their podcast, InvestED.

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